How to post bets and copy bets online?
What is Post Bet?
Who can post bet?
If you are good at predicting and winning bets, then this is for you. Now you can also share your betslip for others to copy.
Share your sports betting slip for others to copy bet.
How to post bet?
All you need to do is to toggle the “post bet” button on and set your commission rate just before you place your bet.
Toggle the post bet button.
Why should you post bet?
So as to make extra money. When you win, you also receive some money from those who copied your bet.
When a bettor copy your bet, you receive a commission.
What is Copy Bet?
Who can copy bet?
If you have ever felt you are not good in predicting games or you do not win as much as you want to, then this is for you.
Who can copy bet?
How to copy bet?
Just go to the copy bet page and copy a bet posted by someone that wins often.
How to copy bet?
Why should you copy bet?
To win more and make more money. When you win show gratitude by paying a little commission.
Why should you copy bet?
How to post bet?
1. After selecting your games, proceed to place your bet as usual.
2. Input your betting amount.
3. Select the “post bet” button.
4. Select the commission you wish to receive.
5. Then place your bet.
How to post bet?
How to copy bet?
1. On the homepage, click on “Copy bets” to open the page where you will see all bets that that are available to be copied.
How to copy bet?
2. Choose from the list of bets available which one you want to copy, then click on the “Copy bet” button.
Click on copy bets
3. Then select the amount you want to stake on the bet and click “Copy bet” button.
Click on the copy bet button
How to know which bet to copy?
We also provide you with some statistics to help you analyze the betting skill of the user that posted each bet you see.
The two icons as highlighted in the picture below shows some of this statistics
1. The win rate
2. The number of times copied
You can click the icons to get more info on them.
Start auto-copy betting
Activating the Auto-copy function
1. Go to the member center and click on “My Following” as shown below. This will show you all the users you are following.
How to know which bet to copy?
2. Go to the user you want to set auto-copy on, and click on “settings” to set your auto-copy
Click on setting to set your auto-copy betting
3. After setting your Auto-copy options click the “Confirm” button to finish the process.