Function Rules:
1. Only bets with total odds above 3.00 will be counted in this promotion.
2. Rollback and cancelled bets will not be counted in this promotion. This bet will not be counted either.
3. This promotion is additional, and there is no limit on deposit/withdrawal. When the client's balance is insufficient, clients are allowed to top up to continue till expiry of the promotion.
4. All betting details will finally be aggregated on the next day after the last game of the bet. You can receive Bonus on the “My” page upon completion of this promotion.
Promotion Description:
Only those who have deposited can enjoy this promotion. Registered customers will receive a target bonus (up to 500,00UGX) according to the proportion of amount after first deposit.
When the effective stake reaches 10 times of the target bonus, the target bonus will be released and can be freely withdrawn. For example: When you top up 500,000 UGX for the first time you will get an 100% target bonus which is 500,000 UGX. The bonus will be released and you can make withdrawal when your effective betting amount reaches 5,000,000UGX (10 times of the target bonus 500,000UGX) within 60 days.
This promotion starts from the customer’s first deposit and it is valid for 60 days. The target bonus will be cancelled after 60 days.
ENJOY BET reserves the right of final. interpretation of this promotion activity.