Betting structure
Player shall predict the scores of all 4 matches including home and away teams on the ticket sheet. The choice for the scores is multiple, but to select one score on each team is must. The price of one bet is 100UGX.
Player can choose one or multiple scores on each team; multiple score choices will increase the entry amount and the total price. Eg: when you choose two different scores on one team, and other teams are only one choice, your entry will be 2 and the total price will be 200UGX.
How to win Multi-Millionaire 4
Players will share the jackpot when they score choices of 8 teams are same as the result of 4 matches.
Settlement, Abandonment and Postponement
All match settlements are based on the result at the end of regular time. This includes any added stoppage time but does not include extra time and penalty shoot-out.
In case of a postponement/abandonment, the Company will have the right to wait for 24 hours for the match to start/resume.
The bet(s) will be canceled when 1 or more matches are postponed or canceled , and your bet amount will be refunded.
Payment of winnings
All winnings will be paid out shortly after the last match on the ticket has finished and all results have been confirmed.
Predictions are open until the kick off time of the first match on and all entries must be submitted before advertised pool closure time. Any entries after will be declared void with stakes refunded.