Post & Copy bet FAQS
EnjoyBet Post and copy bet feature was introduced as a way of creating a community of winners, this allows users to post their betslips for other users to copy and place the same bet.
Post bet
Copy bet
Auto Copy bet
What is post bet (posting of bet)?
To post bet also means to Share your bet or make your bets available so that other users can copy it.
How do i post my bet?
You can post your bet by ticking the “post bet” button as seen below the betslip when placing/submitting your bet?
What do i gain for posting bet?
When you post bet you can also set a commission that you will receive from anyone that copies your bet and wins.
Will i receive commissions when the game i posted is lost?
No, you will not receive commission in this situation. you can only receive commission from the people that copied the bet you posted when the game is won.
How much commission can i set?
You can choose to set between 2% to 10% commission.
Can i include any match to the betslip i plan on posting?
No, Only the matches in the following leagues below can be included:
What is copy bet (copying of bet)?
To copy bet also means to place the-same bet which another user posted or made available.
where do i go to view bets posted by other users?
You can enter the posted bets page by clicking on the menu sign located at the top left of your page. Then click on “posted bet”.
How do i copy bets?
You can copy bet by clicking on the copy bet button located on the bet you want to copy.
What happens when i copy bet?
when you copy a bet,technically it means you have placed the same bet as the bet you copied.
Do i need to pay to copy bet?
Yes, you will need to pay the commission set by the person that posted the bet.
How do i pay the commission?
The commission will be deducted from the amount you won from copying the bet.
Do i need to pay commission when the game i copied is lost?
No, you only pay commission when you win the game.
What is a Poster?
This is the user that posted the bet.
What is Total posted bet?
This is the total number of bets posted (e.g by a user).
What is Total copied bet?
This is the total number of bets copied (e.g by a user).
What is Number of times copied?
This is the number of times other users have copied a bet posted by a users.
What does “Total copied bets stake”mean?
This shows the total accumulated amount that has been staked on a posted bet by all the users that copied the bet.
What is Total times copied?
This is the total number of times all or a certain number of bets posted by a user has been copied by other users.
What is win rate (Last 10 posts)?
This shows out of 10 bets posted by a user, the total number of bets that were won.
What is Total times copied (Last 10 posts)?
This is the total number of times the last 10 bets posted by a user has been copied by other users.
What is “auto copy bet”?
This is a feature that always users to set conditions in which when a posted bet satisfies the conditions you set, the system will automatically copy the bet for you, even when you are not online.
How do i set auto copy bet?
Go to your subscription page, click settings on any one of the user you are following,and there you can set the conditions for auto copy bet, then click on confirm.
What is subscription/following?
You can subscribe or follow any user you believe to have good win rates in betting. Your subscription is the list of users you are subscribed to.
Why should i follow/subscribe to other users?
So that when they post bets you can see them immediately and also receive notifications on the bet they post.You can even decide to set auto copy bets for these users as well.
How can i follow a user?
You can follow a user by clicking on the follow button.