Uganda advisory group promotes the development of welfare lottery in Africa

3/17/2021 5:27:30 AM

  One belt, one road from Uganda, China, is also invited to the world's best known economic development. The president of the economic intelligence think tank of the president of the Republic of China and the chief advisor of the national law visited Beijing Office of China Guangdong development capital management Limited by Share Ltd and conducted friendly consultations on the lottery industry in Africa. The two sides reached consensus on the issue of lottery projects jointly distributed in Uganda, Africa (not limited to Uganda). It has positive significance.

  The Uganda advisory group visited the Uganda advisory group to facilitate cooperation between the local Uganda enterprise gamble and bet Co. (U) Ltd. and Hong Kong Africa Development Co., Ltd. of China Guangfa Capital Management Co., Ltd. and the two sides reached agreement on the cooperation on jointly issuing lottery and gambling projects in Uganda (not limited to Uganda) in Africa and signing cooperation agreements. It is reported that since its establishment, Hong Kong Africa Development Co., Ltd. has guided the investment in African development enterprises, established the China Africa Development Fund to actively support China Africa economic and trade cooperation, and has invested a number of projects such as agriculture, infrastructure, processing and manufacturing, industrial park and resource development, which has greatly promoted the investment of Chinese enterprises in Africa, and has greatly promoted the investment in Africa for infrastructure construction, technological progress and increase in the host country Industry has played an important role in promoting industry docking and capacity cooperation between China and Africa, promoting economic and social development in Africa and improving competitiveness in the global economic pattern.

  In recent years, the African lottery industry has maintained an explosive growth trend, and in the first half of 2017, it has become the fastest growing region in the world with a growth of 5.6%. China broadcasting development capital will jointly hold the game and bet by several enterprises with lottery and gaming technology experience and resources One belt, one road, is the CO. (U) LTD (with the lottery and gambling license issued by the government of Uganda). It is an entrance to the lottery business, increasing the revenue of the state, and gradually opening the Sino African cooperation channel. It is also a comprehensive implementation of the national "one belt and one way" policy and actively developing economic cooperation with African countries, and jointly building a community of economic integration and cultural inclusion.