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  Unfortunately for all of us gambling enthusiasts, Uganda isn’t exactly Las Vegas. For some reason, even though the country is pretty big and gambling is completely legal, casinos just don’t seem to be particularly popular. There aren’t really all that many casinos in the country, and the ones that do exist are all located in the capital Kampala. Then again, Kampala isn’t really a weird place for casinos to be found – its nightlife is probably the most impressive in all of Uganda, with its numerous nightclubs, restaurants, poetry nights and other venues. So really, casinos feel right at home there, especially for those of us who feel like getting our hands dirty. But if you don’t feel like traveling to Uganda just to play in a Casino, you can check out the best online casino sites here. Slots, Roulette and Blackjack can all be played online also. With that said, while there aren’t that many casinos in this African country, there’s still enough to make one stop and think about exactly they’d want to go. In order to help Ugandan gamblers, we’ve decided to compile a short, but handy list of the top 5 casinos in Kampala!

  5. Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino

  A photograph of the Taj Mahal HotelThe Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino is a hotel located a 15 minute walk away from Garden City, one of the biggest shopping malls in Kampala, and a 10 minute drive away from the center of the city. But you don’t really care about the hotel, do you? No, you want to know about its main attraction – the casino! Sadly, if you’re looking for a super-professional environment, you won’t really find it here – while having proper tables and everything, the casino certainly has a bit of a “homemade” kind of feel, which is somewhat appropriate for the hotel setting, but probably won’t appeal to hardcore gamblers all that much. With that said, though, the casino does offer a pretty wide variety of games, including blackjack, pontoon, roulette and Texas Hold’em, and while the absence of slots is a bit jarring, pretty much all other bases are hit. Ultimately, this casino wasn’t meant to make millions – it’s a nice addition to what appears to be a wonderful hotel, and on that front it’s more than acceptable.

  4. Simba Casino

  A photograph of Casino SimbaSimba is actually one of the most popular casinos in Kampala, though we do have a good reason why we place it so low on the list. It’s located in the aforementioned Garden City and is easily recognizable by its large, neon sign. Simba actually has quite a lot of games – it provides a variety of slots, alongside all of the standard table games such as roulette, blackjack, pontoon and several different types of poker. Seems like it’s got everything a gambler can want, right? Well… We had a few issues with it. One of them is that, with regular (and quite blatantly advertised) “live nights” with dancing Russian girls and the short dresses that female dealers need to wear, it’s quite obvious that this is a casino designed specifically to pander to males. In addition, we’ve heard some pretty bad things about the management and how the casino is being run, and the fact that a lot of its dealers tend to quit should tell you something. Still, despite all this (or maybe because of it) Simba still remains almost synonymous with the word “casino” in Uganda, so that should really tell you something. And hey, if you’re a guy who likes to look at attractive Russian girls while gambling (like about 98% of guys), you’ll find plenty to like here!

  3. Pyramids Casino

  A photograph of Pyramids CasinoPyramids Casino is quite obviously themed after the Sphinx and Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, which already gives it a whole lot of bonus points in my book. I absolutely adore themed casinos, and it seems like Pyramids have definitely done their homework! In Ancient Egypt, the pyramids were used as tombs for kings, filled with treasure and riches meant for the king to use in the afterlife (or for those brave or stupid enough to try and rob them). Similarly, Pyramids Casino is rather posh, obviously passing itself off as a high-class venue for the ‘kings’ of gambling! They offer dozens upon dozens of slots and pretty much every popular table game, including regular poker tournaments. On top of that, they also offer a terrace bar and a restaurant for when you need a drink or a bite in between games, and while we haven’t personally tasted their food, they claim to offer “the finest gourmet dining in East Africa”. And you know what – from what I’ve seen from the casino, I’m rather inclined to believe them!

  2. Mayfair Casino

  A photograph of the Mayfair Kampala CasinoThe Mayfair Casino Kampala is actually part of the bigger Mayfair group, which also includes two casinos in Nairobi and a restaurant in Kampala. It’s located at Kisozi Close near Nakasero and, just like Pyramids, has a rather high-class atmosphere, with its main room being rather large, well-furnished and spotting fancy domed ceilings. As their website describe them, the looks are a mix between “European, Oriental and African decorative elements [that] are blended together”. Fancy! Still, don’t let the looks deter you – everyone’s welcome in Mayfair, even if they’re not wearing formal attire. And this is certainly a casino that you’d want to visit regardless of what you’re wearing, as they offer American roulette, blackjack, pontoon, Texas Hold’em, Bingo and multiple slots and video machines, including complimentary drinks and food (mostly pizza and ice cream) for players. Add to that the fact that all dealers are extremely friendly and talkative and you’ve got one really great choice!

  1. Casino Kampala

  A photograph of Casino KampalaCasino Kampala is Pyramids Casino’s big sister, and boy does it show! You get the same posh, yet approachable interior, the same good food (who can ever say no to an African buffet) and the same wonderful experience, combined with some of the most experienced and friendly dealers you’ll ever find in Kampala. Being the first Ugandan casino, Kampala knows how to find talent and nurture it, training its staff to provide their gamblers with a relaxed, yet also very rich casino experience. They offer all the games that other casinos have combined, but also one-up them by providing completely free food and non-alcoholic beverages to its customers. While it is true that the chips and some of the furniture do look a little bit aged, if you ask us that only contributes to the charm. Casino Kampala isn’t trying to hide its age – it’s proud of it. Just like fine wine, this venue has aged unbelievably well!