How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

3/18/2021 12:38:13 PM


  Deuces Wild video poker presents a twist on basic wild card action with a more aggressive pay table than normal. This online-only game offers boosted payback for rare hands while lessening payback from some of the more common winning hands. As a result, the action is volatile, but the overall payback for the game is excellent.

  Video poker has advanced far beyond the realm of the machines you can play in casinos. You can now find a robust selection of video poker offerings at top gambling websites. And many of these games are given a bit of an online-only twist to spice up play a bit.

  One of those games is Deuces Wild video poker. This online-only video poker offering looks a lot like the Deuces Wild games that can be found all over casinos. You’ll be playing with all of the twos in the deck as wild cards, so you can use them as any card in the deck to improve your hand.

  Wild card action puts rare hands within your reach. Considering that four of the 52 cards in the deck are wild cards, you probably won’t go more than a few hands without seeing one appear. In fact, you’ll even have the chance for multiple wild cards in the same hand, which really opens up the possibilities.

  In the case of Deuces Wild video poker, all of this occurs with a pay table that offers some twists on what you might expect from Deuces Wild. There’s a much greater emphasis placed on five of a kind hands, which payback ladles out according to the rank involved. You’ll also see the involvement of kickers on the Deuces Wild pay table, which doesn’t come into play on a normal Deuces Wild game.

  Playing Deuces Wild video poker will give you more chances at quick-strike type wins, where you corral a lot of money on just a single hand. But even though it provides that, the game doesn’t skimp on the overall payback. In fact, payback comes in at over 99%, which is highly coveted in video poker.

  If there’s a drawback to Deuces Wild video poker, it’s having to deal with a lot of volatility. This is because some of the more common winning hands are discounted from what you could expect in basic video poker. That means those common hands won’t help steady your bankroll in the same way.

  As a result, you’ll be prone to bigger slumps in Deuces Wild video poker. That goes hand in hand with the potential for bigger payback. To compensate, you might have to raise your bankroll to keep those slumps from draining it completely.

  In the following article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Deuces Wild video poker. We’ll explain how to play basic video poker and how wild cards change that up. We’ll also get into the type of payback you can expect, as well as discuss how you can learn expert strategy.