What are some good roulette bets?

4/6/2021 11:27:49 AM

    Roulette is an amazing game when you start analyzing it mathematically. ?Virtually EVERY BET* has exactly the same House Edge of about 5.26%.

    So no bet is a "good" roulette bet, and no bet is any worse than all the others. ?In the long run, there is only one formula you need to know. ?For every $100 you wager on the roulette wheel, you will lose an AVERAGE of about 5 dollars and 26 cents. ?(Again, this is the average! ?Of course you can't lose $5.26 on any one roll!)

    Knowing this should tell you one thing above all else - there is NO SYSTEM that can beat roulette. ?Many have tried, and NOBODY in the history of the world has been able to devise any sort of betting scheme that can beat roulette in the long run.