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Participants of the Rio Olympic Games participate in betting!

6/25/2021 9:35:29 AM

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Disciplinary Committee announced that they have collected enough evidence to prove that three boxers made illegal bets in the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. The action of these three people has violated the Olympic Convention. They are no longer competing in a fair and open situation. The Olympic Committee has always insisted on stopping the action immediately when it discovers it. Because the convention stipulates that no Olympic participants can place bets during the Olympics, other athletes should report to the organizing committee immediately if they discover the behavior.

Two of the three violating boxers are from Ireland. They are 24-year-old Michael and 27-year-old Steve. At the same time, British boxer Fowler also participated in such behavior, which happened during the Olympic Games. Shocking.

Michael is a small and medium-sized competitive boxer in the lightweight class, and the last two boxers are fighting in the middleweight class. Now they must be investigated by the International Olympic Committee. The final investigation result will determine that they will return. Can you participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? The three boxers must also actively support the IOC’s plan to help the Olympic Committee carry out anti-gambling propaganda, and carry out propaganda in their delegations, as well as relevant promotion in the International Boxing Association.

The current progress of the matter is not smooth, and many of the previously prepared evidences seem to have large loopholes, so the trial of the incident has not yet come out. If there is not enough evidence to prove that these three boxers are suspected of betting, they will not be disqualified for the next Olympic Games. Both the Irish delegation and the British delegation were condemned by the Olympic Committee for their own boxer violations. The International Olympic Committee accused the delegation of failing to effectively inform the athletes of the applicable rules or not. For example, the ban on betting matters they did Not previously known.

The International Olympic Committee also declared that in future competitions, each national delegation should fulfill its obligations to protect its own athletes, and take timely measures to seek solutions when problems are discovered. At the same time, each delegation should have a long-term development plan. Come to give all athletes a reasonable plan. The Olympic Committee also stated that the International Boxing Association should also formulate rules for the development of related projects as soon as possible, which should be consistent with the rules promoted by the Olympic Committee. At the same time, the Boxing Association should strengthen its self-management and discover possible problems rather than letting it go.