Gamblers surge during the Olympics

6/25/2021 9:40:35 AM

Gamblers surge during the Olympics

"Generally, there are more people buying after get off work, coming in and out, and business has been good in recent days." According to Rose, the head of the betting shop, the number of people patronizing the betting shop has increased by about 20% since the start of the Olympic Games. Lottery players are all for the Olympic Games.

   The reporter saw in the betting shop that many of the people who came to buy the lottery, like Gehry, came to buy the men’s tennis final. "If you want to buy it, buy it from the very beginning and win more." Gehry told reporters that until the first ball in the men's singles tennis final is taken, lottery players can bet freely, and there is no limit to the amount of bet. As much as hundreds of pounds, as little as 10 pence or 20 pence.

   In addition to the men’s singles finals, tennis women’s singles, women’s 50-meter freestyle, and men’s 10,000-meter events are all very popular. You can bet on a certain team to win, you can also bet on a certain athlete, you can bet on the finals, or it can be a qualifier or a warm-up match. For football games, the sooner you bet, the better. Gehry settled the accounts and said to reporters: “For example, when I started the men’s singles tennis tournament in the Olympic Games, I spent 40 pounds to buy Murray to win. If he wins, I can make money. 140 pounds, and you didn’t buy it until now he was going to play against Federer. Even if you buy 100 pounds, you can earn 175 pounds.” The reporter saw at the gate of the betting shop that on August 5, the British played against South Korea’s men’s football match. The betting shop produced a poster with the words "Bet 10 pounds and get 170 pounds."

   Gehry said his favorite is to buy lottery tickets. In this Olympics, he "invested" a total of 180 pounds. He won 240 pounds in the men's 400-meter swimming warm-up competition that ended not long ago. "At least I can earn back my travel expenses." He said modestly.