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Analysis and Prospects of 4 Games of Olympic Men's Football

7/22/2021 6:07:34 AM

    There are many highlights of the men's football in the Olympic Games-

    Olympic Men's Football: Egypt National Olympic VS Spain National Olympic This game I think is a game without any suspense. Don't look at the Egyptian men's football African qualifiers without fail or even 4 consecutive victories. It looks very strong, but its regional competition Opponents include the competition team. The rhythm and physical confrontation on the field are self-evident, and there is no gold content. The total value of the players in the team is only 18.7 million euros, which is a thousand miles away from the opponents Spain. Speaking of the vivid performance of the European Cup in Spain, the total net worth of the Olympic team is as high as 563 million euros. It is still the first among all teams. It is also the favorite to win the Olympics. The most important thing is that the main core players on each front have experienced it. The baptism of the European Cup, the striker led by Olmo led the European Cup to score two goals, and the midfielder was led by the skillful Pedri. He was also named a genius player. He was selected as the best team of the European Cup at the age of 18. Torres and goalkeeper Simon are sitting in the defense, and his teammates are also star-studded. It can be said that Spain’s current lineup is stronger than the sky.

    Comprehensive analysis: Of course, you can’t make a hasty judgement on the lineup, but the gap between the two sides is too big. It’s like playing basketball with junior high school students and elementary school students. It’s not reasonable, but what is more important to support Spain in this game. There are players on all three fronts. The baptism of the European Cup, the degree of tacit cooperation will also rise to a level. Don't look at the weakness of the European Cup in Spain. You must know that the intensity of the European Cup, including the age group, is not comparable to the Olympic men's football team, and the opponent lineup is relatively relative. Weak and relatively rough technology, it can’t give Spain too much pressure. Once Spain is unrestricted to release itself, it is still very terrifying. As long as it is normal to play through this game, it is not difficult. We are optimistic about Spain’s first stop to beat through and win the Olympics. Men's football: Mexico vs. France Mexico can be said to have grown rapidly in recent years. It can be seen that the North American qualifiers have 4 wins and one draw. They played quite strong, and they averaged at least 2 goals per game. The frontcourt firepower output is very stable, and they often do it. Zero seals, excellent offensive and defensive performance, most of the team's lineup comes from the Mexican league play styles, including habits, they are relatively familiar with each other, and they cooperate with each other relatively tacitly, and have a certain tough strength. The French U23 is relatively inferior to the adult French team. Most of the lineups in the team are Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 teenagers. It is not very strong, but the three fronts are also relatively balanced. Naturally, meeting the obstacle of Mexico in this game will not stay to ensure the qualifying.

    Comprehensive analysis: The view on this game is also very simple. After all, France hasn't played many matches, so I can't see anything. From the lineup alone, Mexico is worth 94.1 million euros, while the French team is worth 121.5 million euros. It can be seen from the total price of the two sides that there is not much difference between them. No one has absolute strength to win each other. I am optimistic about Mexico in this game. Undefeated, let’s talk about my point of view. The French U23 has not participated in the main match for many years. It can be said that the pre-match personnel have been patched together. They have not played many training games, including the main match, and they will be relatively procrastinated. Play to the strength of its lineup, in contrast, Mexico has played more than 10 games. The degree of mutual understanding, including technical and tactical rehearsal, is relatively mature, and with rich combat experience, this game is naturally worthy of a high-level look. This game is optimistic about Mexico’s undefeated

    The following entertainment combination! ! ! ! Brazil VS Germany This year Brazil is also full of stars, with Anthony, Richardson, Cunha and many other offensive players in the front field, and the midfielders are all Wudalian League players. It can be said that this set of midfield matches, Can continue to bring firepower output for the team, both strong and stable, and these players are also the Titans of the year when they are playing. They need technology and technology, and they must have the ability to be very strong. You can see 7 wins and 2 in the last 10 games. Losing one draw, showing bright performance, and the most important period of multiple big score victories, also in line with the current lineup strength. The German lineup is still weaker than Brazil, not only in terms of value, but also in ability.

    Comprehensive analysis: What advantage does Brazil have in this field? First of all, the overall strength is dominant. The most important thing is that Brazil has been able to warm up. This year, it has played more than 10 games. The results are also very good. On the contrary, Germany did not have time to play in the warm-up matches and directly participated in the Olympics. Its lineup includes on-the-spot tactics. There is a big question mark to play effectively. Now that it is clear about the current state, Brazil has the advantage of its own lineup, and the running-in between each other, including tactical arrangements, is also improved by a level compared to Germany. In this case, only half of the force was launched. Obviously, there are doubts about Brazil, although The market outlook has risen to the hemisphere, but the payout remains high, which is still slightly wrong. The rise on the spot will also drive confidence on the road. The fundamentals of its own advantages are obvious. Brazil will only gradually become a big hit, which is not conducive to the normal play of Brazil. Considering the two The team is also in Group D and there are two underdogs that can be pinched. This game is not enough to fight to the death. The undefeated Germany is still very promising. Argentina VS Australia. Although Argentina does not have the stars, the overall view is relatively balanced. The level of strength in this field is compared to Australia as a whole. Australia is mostly from the Australian League. The degree of mutual understanding will also increase, and the physical confrontation is excellent, but the skills at the feet are relatively rough. Let me talk about my point of view in this game. I support Argentina to take the three points. The reason is very simple. In fact, Australia is not very strong due to age restrictions. It can also be seen that all the recent 5 games have been defeated and the state is very depressed. There is no stable output on the offensive end. The most important thing is that the defense loopholes are very obvious. I averaged 2 goals per game. This defense performance is also the most important point for me not optimistic about Australia in this game. I can also see that the organization starts from the hemisphere. Out, directly raised to one goal and directly raised two levels, it is enough to see the agency’s confidence in Argentina in this game, and Argentina is optimistic about this game.