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Will the U.S. men's basketball team successfully defend their title?

7/22/2021 12:54:46 PM

    Will the U.S. men's basketball team successfully defend their title?

    The predictions given by AP NEWS are: the first American men's basketball team, the second Spanish men's basketball team, and the third Australian men's basketball team.

    In fact, in the final of the last Rio Olympic Games, the U.S. men's basketball team won the championship with a 96-66 victory over the Serbian men's basketball team. However, the prospects of this year's US men's basketball championship are not optimistic about the outside world. On the one hand: in the previous warm-up match, the US men’s basketball team lost to the Nigerian men’s basketball team and the Australian men’s basketball team. The overall state of the team is worrying; on the other hand, due to practical reasons, the US men’s basketball team has been late It cannot be finalized. For example, Bill was forced to retire due to a violation of the health and safety agreement, while Love had to retire due to injury.

    The most important thing is that there are still three players in the squad announced by the US men's basketball team who are participating in the NBA finals this season. There is no doubt that these three players can only run in with the team by means of match-level training, and this has undoubtedly become a potential hazard on the way to defending the US men's basketball. On the other hand, Serbian men’s basketball, Spanish men’s basketball and other teams have been training for a period of time. With a small difference in strength, the US men’s basketball may not have an absolute chance of winning.

    The last thing I want to say is that the results of the game predicted by the US media will inevitably favor their own country's teams. As for who will win the championship, let us witness it together!