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Olympic men's football group match situation

7/23/2021 6:09:05 AM

    In the first round of the Tokyo Olympic men's football group match, 4 groups of 8 games, there were many upsets, France lost to Mexico 4-1, Argentina lost to Australia 0-2, Spain played 1-1 Draw Egypt, South Korea lost to New Zealand 0 to 1, competition can be described as fierce. For many European teams, France, Spain, and Germany all failed to win in the first round and suffered blows. Especially in Group C, there is no particularly weak team, and it has formed a dead group.

    The Olympic men's football competition is divided into 4 groups, 16 teams, the top 2 of each group can qualify. First look at Group A, Mexico, Japan, France, and South Africa. In the first round of the match, Japan played against South Africa, Japan besieged South Africa and created multiple opportunities. In the end, Kubo scored a goal, won 1-0, and scored 3 points. Mexico beats France 4-1. It was upset. In this group, South Africa has the weakest strength and may not qualify. Japan is the host and is very strong and should be able to qualify. Mexico may become a dark horse. France performs abnormally. If it loses in the next round, it will be directly out.

    In Group B, there are South Korea, Romania, New Zealand, and Honduras. Originally, South Korea and Romania were the strongest and were the favorites to qualify. However, South Korea lost 0 to 1 to New Zealand in the first round. Romania beats Honduras 1 to 0 and got 3 points to take the lead. Judging from the first game, South Korea still has a strong strength. They can still qualify as long as they defeat Honduras and Romania. Although New Zealand won in the first round, they are not at ease. If they lose the next two games, they will also be out.

    In Group C, Australia, Egypt, Spain, and Argentina are the strongest teams in this Olympic men's football team. After the first round of the game, Spain drew with Egypt 1-1, Argentina lost to Australia 0-2, indicating that the strength of the four teams is similar, and everyone has the possibility of qualifying. This makes the qualifying situation very confusing. Group C can. Said it has become a "death group". Australia may not be able to beat Spain in the next round, and Egypt is likely to lose to Argentina, this group may not be able to reveal the qualifying results until the final round.

    The second round of the group stage will be held on July 25, when the team with two consecutive victories will qualify ahead of schedule. There are three crucial matches, namely Australia vs. Spain, Japan vs. Mexico, Egypt vs. Argentina. How about it, let us wait and see!