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Group C: "Invincible Warship" Spain is coming

7/23/2021 9:02:15 AM

Group C: "Invincible Warship" Spain is coming

Spain's Olympics is worth as much as 506.7 million pounds and overwhelming other teams. The lineup includes six international players who have just participated in the European Cup, of which Pedri is worth up to 69 million pounds. Spain is the Champion of the European Youth Championship in 2019, but it has missed the top 4 Olympics for many years. Although its worth is extremely high and the odds of winning the championship are the first, it has not clearly opened up its advantage. This needs to be careful.

The Argentine National Olympics has won the Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008, and it is also the only defending team in Olympic history. It has not entered the top four in the last two games. In last year's South American Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Argentina lost 0-3 to Brazil in the final. There are no big-name players in the Argentine Olympics. Almada, who played for Sarsfield's midfielder, is worth 18 million pounds and is expected to land in the giants in the future.

The Egyptian National Olympics is the 2019 non-young champion. In the last 6 Olympics, they only participated in the top 8 in 2012. This is very inconsistent with the record of the adult team's shining African Cup king. In this Olympics, the Egyptian Olympics did not send their ace player Salah, all domestic teenagers on the list, which also resulted in the team's total value of only 16.79 million pounds, making it very difficult to qualify.

The Australian National Olympics won the Asian Youth third place last year and participated in the Olympics again after 2 years. The Australian National Olympics reached the top 4 in the 1992 Olympics, setting the best result in team history, and ranked 7th in the Olympics in 2004. The Australian Olympic players mainly play in the Australian Super League and the English League. The team is worth 11.99 million pounds. There is a clear lack of top talent. Only the central defender Sotar is worth more than 1 million.