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The German Football Association and the German Football Association provide 2.5 million euros in funding to the regional football associations

8/3/2021 6:33:24 AM

The German Professional Football League (DFL) announced that it will provide 1.25 million euros in funding to regional football associations to deal with the impact of the epidemic on the economic level. This resolution was unanimously passed by the DFL Presidium this week. The German Football Association also agreed to provide the same amount of funding. In other words, the total funding this time is 2.5 million euros. According to the basic agreement reached between the DFL and the German Football Association, the regional and state football associations get the ticket sharing of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga clubs. However, since most of the games last season were in a state of zero spectators, the tickets for the major clubs did not have much ticket revenue. Despite this, the DFL Presidium has decided to continue to support the regional football associations that play an important role in the development of grassroots football, and has given financial assistance twice.