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New season Bundesliga prediction: the giants all change coaches, Bayern is still difficult to shake?

8/11/2021 11:58:32 AM

    From the odds point of view, although all teams in the championship this season have changed their head coaches, there seems to be no suspense about the Bundesliga championship this season. The winning odds issued by relevant agencies also confirm this view. In this latest list, Bayern only lost 1.16, Dortmund lost 8, Leipzig lost 17, Leverkusen lost 51, Moncheng lost 67, Wolfsburg lost 81, and the rest. Teams are more than 1 to 100.

    It is true that Bayern has dominated the Bundesliga for 9 consecutive years. Lewandowski also broke the scoring record last season and is in a hot state. Although the team's lineup has changed a lot in the new season, the head coach has changed from Flick to Nagelsman, but from the perspective of the odds, Dortmund, who owns Harland, is still difficult to challenge Bayern's Bundesliga dominance, although Bayern will have different degrees of short-circuit every season, but rivals Dortmund and Leipzig will also experience fluctuations in their status.

    Golden Boot Ownership

    The Bundesliga Golden Boots have been monopolized by Lewandowski for the past 4 years. Last season, he scored 41 goals in 29 appearances, averaging one goal every 62 minutes. Not only did his offensive efficiency increase by nearly 50% over the previous season, It also broke the single-season Bundesliga scoring record held by Ged Muller. According to statistics, Lewand’s scoring efficiency has continued to improve since he was 30 years old. Lewand’s main competitor, Haaland, had just 28 games with 27 goals last season, and each goal took 91 minutes. However, it should be noted that Bayern coach Nagelsmann has made adjustments to the high probability of formation, and what kind of impact will it have on Lewand’s scoring efficiency needs to be observed. This is also the biggest and the most important influence on the Bundesliga Golden Boots in the new season. Uncertain factors.

    Bayern, Dortmund and Leipzig compete for the championship

    Bayern’s biggest change this season is the head coach. Flick, who led the team to win the six championships, was poached by the German national team. Then Bayern slammed 15 million euros to get the marshal Nagelsmann. In addition, Bayern's pre-season warm-up match only drew and lost 3, which is related to the fact that many of the main players have not returned to the team. Many of the main players of the team participated in the European Cup, America's Cup, Gold Cup and other international competitions, giving them too little time to prepare for the new season. Now, this will be the biggest problem of Nashuai fabrics. In terms of personnel, Bayern still needs to find a qualified substitute for Pawar, and the right-back personnel reserve is obviously insufficient.

    Leipzig was trapped by an unresolved shooter last season. After Werner left, the team's offensive firepower dropped significantly. This season, the head coach Nagelsman was poached by Bayern, and the American coach Mahi was in charge of the coach and adjusted the team's play. In terms of personnel, the A seat, who scored 28 goals last season, was introduced to solve the problem of lack of terminator on the front line. The team's current team building idea is very clear, that is, to train young players. Although the strength is good, the stability may not be good.

    Borussia Dortmund, like Bayern and Leipzig, announced that they had won M?nchen coach Roze before the end of last season. Roze's tactical play is very suitable for Dortmund. Last round of the German Cup, he set up a 442 diamond formation and finally defeated Wayne 3-0. Royce used the entire holiday to adjust his state to reject the invitation of the national team, only to help Dortmund hit the championship in the new season. Norwegian striker Haaland did not follow the national team to the European Cup. These two offensive cores won With enough rest, it can be said that they are now ready for the new season. From this point of view, Dortmund's performance in the early part of the season may be more stable than Bayern.

    On the whole, Bayern’s advantage this season will not be as great as in previous seasons. Bayern was once led by Dortmund last season, and this is likely to happen again this season, coupled with the epidemic and pre-season preparation time. Insufficient, already the main players are overworked, Bayern's 10 consecutive championships this season is not as easy as the odds show.