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Sports betting is like investing

8/13/2021 10:24:52 AM

In a sense, gambling is like an investment, no different from investing in stocks or funds.
This means that the eight-two law also works in the field of gambling. Simply put, 80% of bettors will eventually lose money, and only 20% will make a profit.
The investment attributes of sports betting also mean professional requirements: you need to understand the strength of both sides of the game, the current situation of the team, the attitude of the team, the opinions of the professional gambling company...even the weather conditions during the game. Only the more detailed you understand, can you make the right choice.
Investment means rationality. Irrationality is the practice of gamblers.
The best of rationality is reasonable planning: What is your profit goal? What is the maximum profit and loss you can accept?
The most important point: be sure to set a stop loss line for yourself.

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